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January 08 :: The End Of System Flatline
Well it has finally come, the day that we all have to say sorry but this is it. We are done. That’s right, System Flatline have decided to stop being a band. We will always remember the great shows we have played and the great number of you that have come to support us. Our best show will always be the one in the 013 de kleine zaal. We played our butts off and gave you pure flatline, too bad it wasn’t enough to go to the final; but none the less an awesome performance. I guess the one thing I’ll always remember and hear from my now ex- band mates is the fact that I said at our first show in the 013 (bat cave) that the crowd was boring, that they should move and my personal favourite: “this place is a dump!” They all asked me after the show if I was crazy and said we would never win now. However the most of you know better and saw us become not 4th like we hoped, not even 3rd or 2nd but the main prize 1st!

Another great show was our first one in our home town of Roosendaal @ the erato, among great bands like Fluff and FREUD. We were all sick out of our minds, especially me; I had no voice but you all looked so great down there cheering us on and therefore I had to scream my lungs out till I completely had no more voice. We would even have a great future in front of us, gigs with the likes of Textures and playing for the 2nd time at opblaaspop. So why are we stopping you ask? Well we have just too many musical differences, and have decided to continue making music, but by all following our separate paths. Thanks to all the fans and people that have made System Flatline possible for all these years and don’t think this is goodbye, we’ll continue giving you shredding riffs, pounding bass and treacherous screams only never again as the band System Flatline. Thank you all from Jeroen, Ajdin, PW, Sven & Bas!
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